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A species of human that originates in the glitter showers on Planet Fierce. Addy bears are rare on Earth, but occassionally God sends one to spread love and glitter; their most famous example is Adam Lambert. They secrete glitter from their pores and have as much of it in their bodies as they have water.

Due to their friendly natures, warm demeanors, blue eyes (in most individuals) and full pouty lips, addy bears are very sexy to human women, despite the fact they prefer their own gender. Nevertheless, they are extremely loving and lovable and women often have close friendships with them if they are lucky enough to know an addy bear.
Girl 1: I saw an addy bear at the pet store!

Girl 2: Aaaw!!! Did your mom let you get him?!

Girl 1: He wasn't for sale He works there.
by IlyBearzxD December 21, 2010
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