One of the baddest bitches you’ll ever meet... but a little bit of a pussy.
You’re a bit of an Adalene but I love it!
by chodemuffin September 12, 2019
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She is a bitch and probably will take your man.
Be careful
Behind the angel exist a demon!
Adalen is a bitch.
by Sisters on fire June 2, 2020
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“Adalene. What a fucking legend. I wish I were an Adalene”
by daisyding April 20, 2021
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Adalen it’s a good bich and she likes a savage mans. But your heart it’s super sweet.
“Oh look! This girl is fire and she takes right now a man of your girlfriend!” Yes... it’s Adalen!
by GoOd CoWgIrL June 1, 2020
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