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Acidiest is a name that very few seem to have. (A nickname is Acid). An Acidiest is really smart, usually really cute, and can do almost anything they set their mind to. They could figure out a person's personality just by looking/speaking to them, they could figure out cognitive problems seemingly easier than others, and many more abilities. They overall are mysterious and sometimes don't even know their potential. Usually, an Acidiest is really kind and nice to people, although very persuasive and possibly manipulative when needed, they could win almost any argument. They only get mad, when they are accused of something that is false, or when a false lie is told or spread. They strive for the truth, and will not stop fighting against a mere liar until they prove them wrong. Since every Acidiest is mysterious, they have much hidden potential (which is perfect for lovers to figure out). They are really shy and usually depend on someone else to make first moves for friendship, but once they get to know a person and feel comfortable, they open up and be their true selves. Once a friendship is made with an Acidiest, and they slowly change to be way better than at first, then a friendship is hard to break. They love their friends and will be always there for them. An Acidiest acting as their true selves in public is a rare occurrence, they only are themselves with a trusted friend. Also, they are secretly kinky. ;)
"Hey look, it's Acidiest!" - "I wish I could be just like Acidiest, they're so cool!"
by Acidiest May 16, 2018
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