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A female is sitting on the toilet as her male lover is exiting the shower that she had occupied only moments ago. She had a turtle head poking its unruly neck out due to the deep dicking she had received in the shower prior to this. As the male passes the female she gobbles down his penis in the heat of passion they were still clearly still in. This is something that is in general unplanned and considered highly taboo. However, the two people had in fact not only been in the act of the reverse blumpkin but, had done so accidentally. Hence the accidental reverse blumpkin. The two never spoke of it again. Both feeling ashamed of committing such a perverted act.
I bet they didn't see that accidental reverse blumpkin coming before they hopped in the shower like a couple of wild dogs in heat. Its ok, Jesus still loves them....
by madmike135 July 30, 2018
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