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A blatantly terrible and profoundly unsatisfying definition that makes you wonder how in the world it got accepted in the first place.

One theory is that there are two populations of Urban Dictionary editors with ingrained muscle memories that cause them to continuously click either publish or don't publish so much that even if they wanted to deviate from their tradition, their impulse takes over and a great opportunity is squandered.

Accidental Urban Dictionary publications are clearly a result of those editors that love to click publish rather than don't publish nonstop.

The opposite of accidental Urban Dictionary publications is difficult to define, since the poor people who submitted those definitions probably deserved to have their exquisitely clever definitions published but received a rejection email anyway due to judges who couldn't change their clicking pattern fast enough for one good definition in a string of bad ones.
Urban Dictionary Editor 1: Oops my muscle memory caused me to accidentally click don't publish for that definition I liked.

Urban Dictionary Editor 2: It's ok, what you just did is compensated by the fact that editors allow accidental Urban Dictionary publications through all the time.
by attifinch June 11, 2011
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