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Tall, Gorgeous and know it, mostly air-heads who get paid 20 bucks an hour to wear super tight tops, and say, "yo wats up?" and then glare at you if you haven't bought more than five things, and spritz you in the eyes with gross men's colone if you haven't bought anything on your way out.

normal girl: hey, can you help me find my size in this?
beautiful person: haha! sure! oh, look at that! we don't have any left! XXL is out of stock! but you should buy this cami, it like totally goes with your eyes, and then buy a matching one for your boyfriend. And then howabout these leather leggings?
normal girl: well um...that looks nice? I didn't know I was XXL... usually
I'm an M. whatever... oh yeah sorry I only have 10 dollars...
beautiful person: *turning sinister* well...there's a wall mart down the street.
and if you really want to buy something, well then have this breathmint. it's on me. you kinda need it...
normal girl: umm yeah no thanks... bye...
beautiful person: Oh wait! try our new men's fragrance! *sprits gross mens colone in eyes*
normal girl: aaah my eyes! I'm blind!
beautiful person: *looking smug* oh, gosh I'm sorry!
beautiful person 2: *walks up to beautiful person 1* *whispering* what's going on?
beautiful person 1: she didn't buy anything :/
beautiful person 2: ooooh.
person 1: that beautiful person in abercrombie was totally giving me the hairy eyeball when I only bought 5 things!
Person 2: your lucky she didn't make you blind! it's actually not colone she has in that bottle, it's rat poison!
Person 1: seriously?
person 2: NO!

abercrombie beautiful people
by ICanSeeUpYourNosse April 16, 2010
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