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Aarosha,as the name goes,is just enough to soothe one's ears on being heard.She's the real boss lady.Give her a task and within seconds it's gonna be over. She doesn't trust so easily, has got a small circle of friends which she makes on full fledged decisions.
An epitome of knowledge, beauty and elegance. She takes decisions on considering positivity. Her parents mean everything for her. She is goals for people surrounding her.
Girl 1:look the style of clothing.
Girl 2:that's what elegance is.
Girl 3:she's Aarosha, hell yeah,a killer.
Boy 1: dude i tried to make an eye contact but she didn't even look back once.
Boy 2: she's Aarosha bro,she's too glam to give a damn.
by Roshaw August 04, 2018
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