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A faf (Fat And Fabulous)-person is fat/chubby and "thinks" that he/she is popular, well known, cool, awesome, pretty, ...
People who are faf-persons want a lot of friends and probably a lot of attention.

By teenagers are faf-persons easy to recognize. They will belong to the popular group of the school and will somethings bullying other people to be by the popular gang.
They will also be rude, cheeky, ...
Most of the time they think they are belong to a group of friends but really they aren't.
They are pretending cool, but inside they are weak and soft.
Friend 1: "Everything okay man ?"
Friend 2: " No. You know james. He's never nice to me. "
Friend 1: "Is james the chubby guy who thinks he's fabulous ? "
Friend 2: "Yes. But he isn't. He is rude against the "not-popular-people" because he want to be popular and friends."
Friend 1: " Oh yeah I know. He's such a faf-person."
Friend 2: " Indeed, you're totally right. "
by TrueIsTrue January 27, 2014
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