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1: Verb; You and, your friends are in an apocalyptic world (in reference to a zombie apocalypse). Everyone gets along well, hence the 'bro' in Zombro.

2:Noun; A group of mindless bros, typically as far as the eye can see.

3:Adjective; to describe a situation in which, you must rely on your 'bros' to pass.
1; " Dude, this Zombro Apocalypse is awful. No running water really kills me. Literally."

2; "Hey watch it! A Zombro Apocalypse started at that new Ice cream shop. Take my frisbee, use it wisely."

3; "This test is going to be a Zombro Apocalypse. I'll help you, if you help me."
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by Snarky-Chan May 10, 2018
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