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Zombiae style or also known as Zombie style(ZOm-Beee) is a fighting style created by Kai Webs it uses a swift motion to evade attacks an is mosty used for confuseing a opponent by moveing side to while swinging your arms with out hold,it also uses epic fast spining kick to overwelm a opponent it rarely uses punches but has a series of grabs that runs fluidly into kicks.The fighter has to be strong an fast to use zombiae or it will be useless.It is not ment for a fighter who plans on fighting a foe with a high level of fighting skill,It should be uses only to train or spar a lower skilled fighters with out hurting them by countering with a punch.
Little kid:I want to learn kung fu teach me
Fighter:No,first i want see what you know about fighting try fighting me while i use zombiae style
by The NinjaKai December 09, 2011
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