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Strange head sensations, AKA "brain zaps", which is like an electrical current that you can actually see for a split second as it shoots thru your poor unsuspecting brain. Yucky nausea sensation, regardless if you eat or not, kind of like your seasick with a feeling of labored breathing. Just an uncomfortable malaise feeling from head to toe. Trouble sleeping, or not sleeping as sound as when you were taking the drug. Body aches from head to toe. Weird, vivid, violent dreams so scary they wake you up, and then you wonder to yourself, "what the heck was that?" as your trying to catch your breath and come to your senses. A feeling of "this is all hopeless" and starting, or wanting to tear up. Symptoms usually starts within 24 hours or sooner if you stop your dosage cold turkey. Not as bad if trying to taper off slowly, however you may still feel strange at times. Apparently these are signs you really do need the drug...?
Geez, I told my doctor about my crazy Zoloft withdrawal symptoms while trying to go off of it, and she calmly in a condesending way without looking at me asks, "why go off of it?".

Since I feel fine while on it, and it did help me, I've decided I'm a lifer; can't do those freaky withdrawals NO MORE dude...!
by KYanna May 07, 2007
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