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A paradox in applied philosophy analogous to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

Tenet 1 - Advice or information taken from Zeno at face value will always be wrong.

Tenet 2- Investigation or contestation of any information taken from Zeno will always show it to be correct.

Corollary to Tenet 2- When such a contest is resolved in Zeno's favor (as it always will be) the contesting party will be severely mocked.

Therefore, interaction with Zeno will always result in the interacting party coming away wronged or mocked.
A bargain leather jacket was purchased on the basis of Zeno's insistence that it was real leather. As it turned out, it was not real leather. Forty dollars was lost when a hot fork punctured a whole in it.

But mocking ensued when, despite everyone's doubts and harangues, Zeno's method for estimating hourly television power costs turned out to be completely correct.

According to Tenet 1 of the paradox, if the leather jacket had not been purchased, it would in fact have been real leather.

According to Tenet 2 of the paradox, if Zeno's method for power estimation had not been knocked, the estimates it provided would have been grossly erroneous.
by Piggus McKenzie November 18, 2004
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