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The zazz forumz are a set of message board on the website, a website that offers specially discounted products once per day.

The 'forumz' are kept under the disguse of "discuss this product" and are frequented by a group of closet pedofiles who use the "product discussion" page to talk about the weather and arrange in-person meetings. 80% of the posts pertain of 'Hi all', 'good morning' or 'goodnight' and actually contain no product discussion at all. If you want to read about the product that is available, this is NOT the place to look.
lyndylou: Hi! Good morning everyone!
davey52: Good morning!
BAZBOY16: Hi Everyone!
blgas: Good morning all!
Pussefoote: Hi everyone.
jacqui882: G'day everyone!
alhortz: Hi! :)
tatiana: Hello all.
wombat55: Hi everyone!

Someone normal: Why use the Zazz forumz? There's a million chat rooms on the internet!

lyndylou: What's with that guy? LOL
davey52: LOL
blgas: Hahah!
Pussefoote: Wow what a loser LOL
jacqui882: Bwahah!
alhortz: Loesr! LOL!
tatiana: ROFL! Well said Pussefoote!
wombat55: LOL! Classic!

lyndylou: Well I'm off! G'night all!
davey52: Bye everyone!
BAZBOY16: Goodnight everyone
blgas: Night-night all!
Pussefoote: See you later guys!
jacqui882: Good night people.
alhortz: Night everyone!
tatiana: Time for bed, night!
wombat55: Time for bed! Bye all!
by Ozzie Gal February 22, 2011
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The home of the big red button labelled "Click here if you only want to read product related posts", which hides greeting and farewell banter which has nothing to do with the product you want to discuss....
Crickey! That big red button on Zazz forumz just goes to show that nobody on here has actually discussed this product yet, and they've been going at it for 9 hours...
by AussieGeoscientist March 17, 2011
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