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Teenage heartthrob, "dating" Vanexxxa Hudgens so the world will think he's straight, but really, we all know he's gay, even the teeniebopper girls who insist that he is straight (or at least bi) because they think they'll have a chance with him. Just hook up with Corbin already, dammit!
Girl: OMGzz lyke Zak Effron is lyk the hotest ting sinse... welll, evah!
Guy: Zacquisha Efron? He gets nose jobs and wears fake eyelashes. He's obviously gay.
Girl: *gasp* U taek dat bak! He haz a gf who I wanna murdur!
Guy: He's obviously fake dating her.
Girl: *bitch slaps guy*
by GREATescape January 08, 2008
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