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Zack Fox: A successor to the man who ran to Thunder Bay, Terry Fox. He is a professional decathlete who can run with numerous world records in bench pressing, 100m sprint, and marathons. Famous quotes from this man include "Ronnie Coleman got nothing on me b****" and "My dream is nothing without the passion and commitment of a real man such as I"

His next upcoming world journey to Taipei from Thunder Bay in an all out sprint with no support crew and no refreshments in 10d:17h:10m:47s:101ms and no intention to stop for borders. As he reaches his goal in Taipei he will run to the "Bird's Nest" in Beijing and beat Usain Bolt's 100m record of 9.58s by an entire 2.98s.

He will return to train for his next venue, a 1 way trip around the world on foot at a private resort in the Bahamas scheduled in 2058 to commemorate Terry Fox's legacy and inspiration that he will carry on to the next generation, as a flaming torch of hope that cancer will be cured in the next generation.
Did you hear about Zack Fox?" "He's an unstoppable beast!!!
by Class of Zack Fox 2010 June 13, 2011
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