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1. A name given to a pet or "baby" egg, like those given in home economics and parenting courses.

This name is often suggested by parents trying to be hip, but can also just be a name given to the egg by a teenage girl who enjoys Zac Efron, or Disney films.

2. A noun applied to stupid males, often considered pretty or athletic, but who are unintelligent and sickening.

- From Castle
1. Father: Have you decided what you are going to name your egg?

Daughter: I'm not sure yet.

Father: How about, Zac Eggfron?

Daughter: Lame dad, lame.

2. "Man, did you hear Jake trying to sound intelligent? The only things he understands are basketball and hair products. What a Zac Eggfron."
by Bazly November 12, 2009
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