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ZOMBIE THOT, (synonym: Thot Juice Zombie)

n. A alcoholicly-self-aware, idividual; female : THOT & male : Mot; who willingly debrives themselvesof sleep, on average, a minimum of 4 -6 days & maximum 10 days-3 weeks, typically, between the ages of "min'ya bi... M*thaF*kn B.******tch.!!! Thru "age-is-just-a-number", who drinks Thot/ThotJuice, the A.K.A.s of Bud's Lima-Rita, as if it's a life sustaining, Fountain Of Youth or the answer to every problem or every quick-excuse cause for celebration.ZOMBIE THOT will Chuggin' Thot Juice either piss warm, out a red plastic cup, with half a cigarette floating on top or slurpin' with a straw, on the rocks, in a flute glass. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack.... Thot. Above all things, Zombie Thot is Ratchet, measured by degrees, ie. the aforementioned vessels and temperature tolorance, is either "In School" or has a job, and owing the dreaded, student loans, Absentee-Baby-Daddies Kids drink it, thinkin' it's spoiled Mountain Dew, stays up for hours drinking, and still after spilling, will suck floor, tries to buy 3/4/10 at the Ari Bodega, with food stamps, etc
After 3 days of Carousing during some alleged Holida, Zombie Thot kicked aside expired lottery scratch offs to get the kids and herself Mon morning 11am.. of, beacon, egg and cheese sandwitches, a soda, and 3/4/10 Thot Juice, paid with food stamps and Ari bodega store credit.
by AngelaEdie$UGAR!!! February 08, 2014
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