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Yuromi was made by a California mother back in 2010 for her daughter. Made out of a combination of Karime and playing with different vowels. First name to start the made up of the name was Yarime, since she was told to make up a name and was given "Yuki" as an example of someone who "invented the name" but was then figuered out that it was an actual name. After playing with different vowels for example, "Yurime", "Yurome", and lastly "Yuromi". No definition was found of that name so Karime made up her own definition with a combination of Karime, meaning 'generous' in Hebrew and Yumi meaning 'yu, meaning friend, mi meaning beautiful '. Which give a defenition of "beautiful, generous friend"
"Oh look! Its Yuromi! What a Generous Beautiful Girl! You should totally be her friend!"
by Athena1993 March 08, 2017
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