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A rapper who is based out of southern california. Born April 25, 2003, Yung ging started his music career summer 2017. His inspirations consist of Lil uzi vert, Lil mosey, Xxxentacion, and many more new generation rappers. Yung ging has recently been blowing up, and has decided to work with a long time friend, Lil Naka. He plans on releasing his first EP late 2018, named, Introduction. Yung ging also has lately progressed on producing his own beats. Many people had been impressed with this and allowed the rapper to gain recognition. Yung ging is on the rise and he people are currently awaiting his next release.
“Hey man have you heard Yung Ging’s new single?” “Yeah bro it’s actually fire” “I know dude, the beat goes hard as fuck!”
by Yung Ging July 09, 2018
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