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Individuals who troll others on Youtube by making comments to videos that are generally insulting and/or have explanations and facts to videos that otherwise don't require them. These facts or insults are completely unnecessary, and the individuals who post them generally have no lives, live with their parents, and play World of Warcraft all day long. Also, these ignorant, pompous, uncouth nerds live in their basements, have neckbeards, and breathe through their mouths, lacking any real form of education, else they wouldn't fucking be putting what little brainpower they have in Youtube comments.
"Why the hell are these douchebags barking about Communism and the USSR just because they see a fucking video with the Soviet Union National Anthem?"

"I don't know, just a bunch of fucking worthless Youtube Scholars if you ask me."
by originalwhackmaster October 18, 2009
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