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The idea behind this phrase is that whatever horrible outcome someone is describing to you... it was their fault for having a bad ratio of (insert X variables that could affect said outcome).

See Examples below for usage.
Example 1

Group of 4 guys, 1 girl (goin' clubbin): Hey, can we get in?

Badass Bouncer: HELL NO! Your ratios are bad. We don't need that much dick on the dance floor.

Example 2

Underslept Student (played Halo all night): Man, I bombed that test parents are gonna kill me.

Student's Friend: Cause your ratios were bad, retard. Stop pwning noobs and get more sleep next time.

Example 3:

Mr. No Style (wearin' white socks, black pants, etc): This blows, I didn't get any numbers tonight...

Stylin' Playa Friend: Well...look at yourself dammit! Your ratios are bad! Go buy some Gucci and quit shoppin at Kohls.
by hasfunwithwords March 04, 2009
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