"Young Folks" is a song by the band Peter Bjorn And John featuring Victoria Bergsman as a guest vocalist. It was released in 2006 and is featured on their album, Writers Block. The song is also known as 'the whistle song' or 'the hipster song' because of its very famous addicting whistling and its popularity among hipsters. When googling the words "hipster" and "whistle" the songs shows as first result.
Wannabe hipster: Oh ma gawd, it's the whistle song! I just heard it, like yesterday, it's sooo good!
Hipster: Yeah... heard it back in 2006. It's called Young Folks for your information.

Friend who actually likes the song: *whistling the song*
Friend#1: Jeez, it's that stupid hipster song again.
Friend#2: It's freaking annoying. Fucking hipsters.
Friend who actually likes the song: Oh yeah, totally...
by catten December 7, 2013
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