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n. Possibly the most pointless, irrational form of debate on the Internet today, a YouTube debate is when two or more people get into an argument via the comments section on YouTube. The topics may include politics, Megadeth vs. Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, the paranormal, how VEVO sucks, or perhaps most laughably, gang affiliations. As with your average forum fighter, those who start (or engage in) these debates are often just trolls, but some actually take them seriously, to the point of getting emotional. Also, they generally contain numerous spelling and grammar errors.
MOFOmike: fuk u, ur a fukin democrat whore and that's the rezin r cuntry is so fukked up rite now.
YoYoMa: u fuqqin redneck republican bitch-ass, how bout u come say dat in ma hood, i'll blast you with my fo-fo!
Uploader Comment: And another YouTube debate turns violent...
by pectussian July 22, 2011
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