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What you say to a woman when she is so beautiful you are unable to function, most often when you first see her you lose all motor control and inhibition. Having a bomb dropped on you is also possible when a woman flirts with you, praises you, touches you or straight comes on to you. She doesn't have to like you though. She could be racking up the guys.
Tim: Dude, she fucking dropped a bomb on me, I'm gonna ask her to marry me. Tomy: Damn right, she did, you ain't thinking straight.

Johnny: Bro, did she drop a bomb on you or what? she asking for it. Mark: Oh yeah she is, here I come.

Jerry: Hey Suzy, you dropped a bomb on me, I can't stop thinking about how much I'd love to love you. I love You. Suzy: Oh myyy!

Kevin: Hey Mary wanna get fucked up and fuck? Mary: Oops, I dropped a bomb on him. This is gonna be awkward.
by MrDrProfessorWomenMakeNoSense November 04, 2013
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