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Originally known as 'Yoshi' from the children's series 'Mario', 'Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus' is a gangster-turned-unicorn dinosaur-turtle hybrid on methamphetamine.

Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus currently resides in Australia, living the high life with his biker and gangster friends, listening to dubstep music in the park. Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus sightings have been commonly reported at a private school in Victoria, Australia. You can summon Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus in your bedroom by jumping up and down three times and stating the phrase, "lick me, daddy".

Rumors speculate that Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus was the initial cause of 9/11, but this is yet to be confirmed. Some say that Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus owns a YouTube account under the pseudonym, "Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus". He has some pretty cool content so go and check him out.
Person 1: Hey, guess what?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I last night I summoned Yoshi The Dubstepasaurus in my bedroom! He bought pizza and chips and we got high as fuck and played Super Mario 64 all night long!
Person 2: Damn, that kid is a legend

Person 1: I'll say!
by ms_edge May 29, 2018
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