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1: A place that's full of students that think they're better than everyone else. The snobbiest school in the world. A school where everyone smokes weed and the girls suck dick in the halls.

2: All of the students are cocky about their test scores but in reality they only have 500 students so there is nothing to be cocky about.
3: Terrible at every sport but the athletes still manage to talk shit on every other school out there as if they are going to win and then they go ahead and lose every game.
4: Every boy there is a fuck boy that tries to get with every girl but is shit at getting them. Every boy there also thinks they are big asf but in reality they are weaker than the weakest kid in York County.
5: A school that can't even beat Northern York or even York Vo-Tech at sports but again still try and talk shit on schools such as Cumberland valley, Red lion, and dallastown
1: Boy- You're such a slut
2: Girl- well duh I go to york suburban high school
by Dkkdofifiekel June 14, 2016
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