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The dialect of residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Known for their use of long vowels and accenting the first syllables. Also the dropping of the words "to" and "the" in correct English sentences.

Yoopers also commonly add the end sound "eh" to sentences to show they are finished speaking.

They also commonly use the phrase "I suppose" to excuse them selves from any situation.
Yooper Accent = Yoou-Per aK-sent

"Say ya to da U.P. Eh!"

Sauna = Sow-naw

"I'ma go take a sauna eh."

Impala (like the car) = Im-pah-lah

"I just got me a new impahla"

They = Dey or Deh depending on the speed at which the yooper in question is speaking

"Deh are so nutso eh?"

There = Dare

"Dare dey go!"

I suppose = Aye Sop-pose

"I suppose I should get"

"I am going to the store" = "I'ma go store"
by YooperGirl May 14, 2010
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