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A term used to refer to a person who is always reffering to a friends or maybe a strangers mother, most often in a sexual manner, claiming that they have had sexual intercourse with you mother or are doing so even if you are stood right next to her. Whatever you say, they will repeat themselves and pretend that they have the largest penis in the world, and you mother has been very satisfied by it.
(Yo Momma Prick) "Yeah but I fucked ur mom last night"
(You) "I doubt it she was with me all night at home"
(Yo Momma Prick) "Nah, she weren't I was proper ragging her like shit"
(You) "Whatever, get a life"
(Yo Momma Prick) "Yeah just coz i fucked ya mom"
by Caliga Certus May 29, 2007
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