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Yelpocracy is a combination of the Yelp - 5 Star Rating System wherein users are able to rate their local restaurants, hotels, etc., and Democracy, the political system by which people can choose their candidates and in some cases even proposed solutions to problems that originate from the people. Yelpocracy is the natural next great change in society created by the modern technology of the Internet.
In the Yelpocracy Americans are now able to control their government and create common-sense solutions that become the law of the land. For example: Legalizing Marijuana on the Federal Level or Abolishing the IRS, according to the polls, easily merits a 5 Star Rating from the vast majority of Americans. Therefore, using this technology of the Internet in its highest and best use, we are no longer forced to live under the Dictatorship of unpopular ideas forced upon us by the power-elite.
by September 11, 2016
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