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A void-like freakout similar to a K-Hole (seeUD def #3) but instead of drug-induced, the Yelp Hole takes hold when you are looking for a place to go to eat / drink.

The anxiety of social capital associated with selecting the perfect establishment for the people and event drives one into a Yelp Hole.

This phenomenon is primarily urban as the choices are so plentiful that they are dizzying and require Yelp to weed through them.

Generally the Yelp Hole spell is broken by someone being kept waiting -- who shakes you out of the Yelp Hole and into random selection.

Also related to it's paperback uncle -- the Zagat Freeze. and Siblings -- SeamlessWeb Fugue, Menupages Daze, and Chowhound Blackout.
The pressure to find a brunch spot to make all of her friends happy drove Sally into a Yelp Hole. Hours later, her friends were texting her furiously, hungry and confused, and yet Sally remained in bed making lists of potential brunch spots, unsure of which to pick.
by hinternetz August 29, 2010
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An entitled, highly opinionated, self-absorbed individual that makes needless and unwarranted bad reviews on Yelp! to attempt to inflict harm on a business or service provider. Also known as an asshole on Yelp!
That Yelphole just left a totally false review on my Yelp page!
by toomuchadam April 07, 2015
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