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A intelligent, cute female that many men attempt to ask out but fail.

With her cuteness also comes her ninja-like abilities. Such as to manipulate people into getting things that she wants. Such as policemen becoming ice cream car owners, and men giving her free food.

However, her cuteness tends to attract people to spot her right away thus losing some of the ninja qualities.

She is believed to be a great doctor that can save animals with a knife and a bag of sugar. (thou others believe that she may have used that knife to kill the animals and the sugar to experiment, because she works in a research lab as a mad scientist time to time).

Yaskiras, come from a foreign land, one were one must go through a series of trials in order to become a "Badass." Thou literally, Yaskiras have very nice, large bottoms, the term Badass is a title where one has cleared these trials through fighting mythological creatures and obtaining the people's trust.
One day, I shall become a Yaskira so I to can try conquering the world with my skills as a great woman.
by AnErol July 28, 2013
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