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A Yankee Tax is an added fee applied to especially to, but not always, to {Yankees}, or other outsiders in the South, that locals are not asked to pay, due to their behavior, demanding attitude, or general rudeness. The Yankee Tax is usually paid by the Yankee either without knowing it, as Yankees believe Southerners are all stupid, or reluctantly, as when they feel they have no choice.
Example #1: (at a Yard Sale)
Local: How much is this bike?
Local #2: $30.
Yankee (rudely interrupts, takes out $30 from wallet): Hey, I was looking at it first!
Local #2 (looks at money): Sorry, did I say $30- I meant $50!
Yankee: That's a Yankee Tax!
Example #2: (renting a place):
Yankee Caller ( from out of state area code): How much is the 1 bedroom unit?
Local Landlord (answers the phone): You ain't from here, are you?
Yankee Caller (gets offended): I'm from New Yawk!
Local Landlord: $1000 a month, plus two months deposit, plus a credit score of 740, plus no pets, and utilities
Yankee Caller: The ad said $900- that's a Yankee Tax!
Yankee hangs up.
Local Caller: Hey, how much is the 1 bedroom unit?
Local Landlord: You know Billy Williams- you sound just like him!
Local Caller: Yeah, that's my daddy!
Local Landlord: That'll be $850 a month, plus deposit- but I'll take half the deposit down! Y'all got any pets?
Local Caller: Three coon dogs!
Local Landlord: Well, I hope they like a big backyard!
Example #3 (At a truck stop)
Yankee Customer: Hey, I been sitting here five minutes, I want to place my order!
Local Waitress: Hold on just a minute...
Yankee: I want my coffee now, and is the milk soy?
Ten minutes later...
Yankee: Why's my bill say $4.99 for a cup of coffee?
Local Waitress (shrugs shoulders): That don't include tax!
Local Trucker: That's a {Yankee Tax!} (laughing)
by The Confederate Wordsmith October 07, 2019
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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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