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The comments that are found at the bottom of every article written by Yahoo Staff. In this section, you would expect to see feedback RELEVANT to the article that was intelligent and constructive. But like any comments section on any website these days, it is polluted by the usual suspects:

1. The Critic: The person who instead of critiquing the article, attacks the writer and their abilities. Comments like these are generally common towards Yahoo writer Chris Chase.

2. The Political Nut Job: These ones I hate the most. It is the guy/girl who turns an article that is completely unrelated to politics, and works up some conspiracy involving the article subject and one or more of the following: 9/11, George W. Bush, Obama, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, The Economy, Health care reform, Tax-Cuts,etc, get the idea

3. The Racist: Usually tries to associate the subject matter into some form of racism (Usually involving Obama too).

4. Spam: Close to 25% of Yahoo's comments anymore. Usually deal with date sites, crappy porno sites, etc.

5. The Illegible Writer: This one is just annoying as fuck. Someone who writes a comment which could have potential, but is marred by the god-awful grammar. And I'm not just talking about things like using "u" instead of you.
Some typical examples of Yahoo Comments:

1. The only thing worse than this economy is Yahoo's writers.

2. Well its very touching that the soldier was re-united with his wife, but it would've have happened if George Bush didn't send us to Iraq. He's the true criminal in all this! He staged 9/11 and planned for our economy to fail.

3. Yo man that's straight up racist man! Just another example of the white man keeping us down.

4. OMG I'm like 26 years old and hot, sexy, and single. I just met this guy through VERY EASY to use and you will meet your soulmate within a click of your mouse!

5. liek i wuz ageein wit wut he sayd butt i beleeve that tacts cuts r gr8t 4 the economy
by WackyJack December 08, 2010
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