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This is normally a young person who has access to large - and often times - unlimited amounts of money. The money comes from their parents. This person can be either male or female. A typical place to find such a turd is around your local university campus. They tend to stand out as they are normally driving a similar car to most pro athletes(porches, range rovers, denalis). When they are walking to class, you will notice them wearing polo shirts with popped collars and capri pants. They frequently reside in greek row. Someday they will find out that they were buying fake friends, can't buy coolness at Nordstroms.
Ninja 1: Yo did you see that Yacht Snot last night at the bar?
Ninja 2: Oh, you mean that dude flashing his dads American Express Black Card like he was Jay Z?
Ninja 1: Ya, that dude is a turd.
Ninja 2: I considered bringing his girl home, but she was just too orange for me.
by trav907 March 22, 2010
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