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Da realest nigga dat ever existed. He be real as a mug. He be so real, his name be copy right and you aint finna post his legal name on da web. Nigga so real his DNA be readin “Realest Ass Nigga”. Nigga so real he be getin his zeit wa za3tar from falasteen. Kash Money so real da bank don’t even check his bejamins to see if dey fake. Ya Boi so real he drinks his milk straight outta cow tities. Ya Boi so real, DPS aint even gotta see his ID, Nigga flies for free, cops pull him over and pay him to get his autograph. Kash Money Coperation in dis mug. Nigga realer den real.
A nigga: Yo Big Sam, what it is with Kash Money?
Big Sam: Ya Boi Kash Money DA REALEST nigga out der. Nigga dont play.
by TimFromAutoZone June 17, 2018
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