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It's not the fact that you hate yourself
It's the fact that you hate others
But your hate for others isn't a hate of evil it's a hate of the not changeable

And the impossibility isn't a fault of yours
It's a fault of theirs
Using their ears not their minds
Using their eyes not their hearts
Changing something you can't
Living how you can
Not how you want
It's not a hate of selfishness,
But rather a hate of impossibility
Which drives you towards unthinkable things
The unthinkable things making them feel bad

They who decided to leave you in the dust
And flaunt their luckyness in your face
They don't deserve what they have good
Because it's you who'd never take advantage of that gift
They have too much
You too little
Why not even it out?
That is what drives you to the unthinkable
That few people are there for you
Looking at people who smirk at their blessings
When you'd not do the same
The thought that they are not deserving
They had their share of popularity
They had their share of looks
Had their share of gold
Your negative thoughts creeping in
Driving you closer to the unthinkable
But how can those negative thoughts not
When you have so much less?
You feel bad because you know what you have
But you still think about what you want
There's a difference between you and them
You respect what you have
They don't deserve for you to do the unthinkable
You are you
They don't deserve for you to be like them

You need something better
You need you
You are important
Don't give up on yourself
You're understood

I thought this would be important to bring up, because it's a tragedy
by I love everyone. EVERYONE January 21, 2014
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