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Xmas Kindness is used to describe the type of bullshit love one would experience via social medias, news, and through their very own community (should a portion of their community be able to afford giving back of the community and not only be taking, and where that community is not too ghetto). Xmas Kindness generally begins when the chocolate advent calendars are available for purchase from big box retail stores like Walmart, and will generally end after the 25th of December (or Boxing Day for the ones who would prefer to have a starting point to go back to normal / slightly aggressive; especially in view of those deals offered by retailers where quantities are 10 or less per store and you will need your angry hat to get to it!!!). Xmas Kindness is characterized as multiple good heart warming actions that one would NEVER do 341 days out of the year (out of 342 days on leap years). Please note, to equate the number of days - one has to substract the amount of days in a year (i.e. 365); minus the amount of days found the advent calendar (i.e. 24). Such actions may include but are not limited to: opening the door for someone, giving money to the poor, helping the ones in need or anything else that you may believe is nice (but after seeing it after a while on social medias, the news or else you would think Xmas is over done, fake and totally uber fucking gay).
Peter Griffin: And tonight, at what grinds my gears, Xmas Kindness. Most people slam the door in my face 341 days out of the year, however during the 24 days leading to Xmas - people are nice, and they open the door for me. Xmas Kindness - YOU GRIND MY GEARS!
by Danutcase December 17, 2014
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