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A great Ancient from the game "Eternal Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Controller of the Mind, Xel'lotath is most likely the most mysterious Ancient of the three. She controlls all green magick and creatures. While being the only female, she has somewhat of a split personality, shifting voices frequently throughout her speech; from an imposing female voice, to a spine-chilling, tiny whisper.
She has a somewhat human figure, but her legs look like they have melded into one, flexable, tail-like appendage. She has four arms with large hands, and while she has no distinctive head, he trademark eye lies in the middle of her "chest".

With a mere suggestion, Xel'lotath can drive anyone and anything into insanity. While her madness can obliterate the power of Ulyaoth, the awesome power of the mighty Chattur'gha will tear her limb from limb.

Xel'lotath is a blood-curdling presense, and her legacy will leave its mark on humanity, without a doubt.
XEL'LOTATH - "He lies...As do we all..."
by King Nothing January 28, 2005
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