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A user on Xbox LIVE usually around the age of 21-35 that shows signs of immature faggotry. They show this because they are so lonely in their mother's basement that they go on their Xbox360 and taunt and belittle kids on XBL that have done nothing but speak in their mic. One sign that this user is a kid or has a young voice...BOOM a "Your mother sucks my dick" or "Go play lego batman 5 year old." insult rapes the chat function. A person is not an XBL-CA if they are insulting an xbox live midget . It is sad because they have to insult kids that just want to play their games and talk to people and they act as if every kid is going to grow up to be the next Hitler. Stupid virgins, they need to realize these "kiddies" are usually around 11-14 and their mothers, which they usually claim to have brutally raped, were probably flipping burgers at their first job, while the CA was probably still shitting his diapers. I'm not a kid myself I just think it's retarded that they have to rage at kids.
Xbox Live child abuser scenario:
Teen: Guys, there's some guy noob tubing.
XBLCA: Hahaha, shut up kid I fucked your mom.
Me: (Thinking "not this AGAIN")
Teen: What did I do?!
XBLCA: What did your Mom do?
XBLCA: (Faint deflating sound in background)
Me: What was that?
XBLCA: Oh crap! My blow-up doll Sindy's deflati...Umm I'm prepping for a party.
by runawaynoobs May 18, 2010
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