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Smoking joints.
Used in conversation so outsiders can't understand.
"Hey, do you come xbox'ing with me this sunday?"
by Jean-Marie April 04, 2006
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To play games on the Xbox 360 against your friends. Is also acceptable playing on your own if you are playing online against a 3rd party!
Alright mate do you fancy coming round and doing a bit of xboxing?

What were you doing last night?
not much, me and the lads were just xboxing.

that boy tried it but he got xboxed, you get me!
by Lightspeed March 17, 2009
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The act of going onto xbox live and starting "Fights" with other players over the headset to the point where they threaten to come beat you up and both of you begin talking about how the actual fight is going to go down.
Sam was xboxing all day with some twelve year olds playing Halo Reach, and won almost every "Fight" he got into too.
by FanficNick June 08, 2011
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The act of a male grinding in a 360 degree motion with his penis while inside of his sexual partner. In reference to Xbox 360
I was Xboxing my girl the other night and made her orgasm like 5 times in 10 minutes
by Tenoroc X November 11, 2010
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