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An Xbox Noob: Here are some examples that set Xbox Noobs apart:
Xbox Noob: I don't understand keyboard controls, there's too many buttons!

Xbox Noob: *found a top 10 video game hero poll* OMG MASTER CHIEF FOR THE WIN!

Xbox Noob: I'm going to post a video of me getting ridiculous no-scope headshots on CoD 4 on YouTube.

Xbox Noob: OMG CoD 4 is so much better than CoD 5. God!

They think Xbox Originals were better than the PS2.

They think Xbox 360's have better graphics than PC's.

They think Halo is better than Half-Life.

They make fun of people who have Xbox Live Silver.
by Eilrahc Snrub November 01, 2009
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A term ROBLOX players use to describe a player who only has the Xbox version and not a real account.
Guy 1: “Wow you are such an Xbox noob, you are even using the John skin!”
by That P guy June 17, 2018
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