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A person of mediocre/ average skill who feels the need to inflate their ego and claim to be good at every game challenged at. They attack unprovoked, throwing insults and curses towards anyone who slightly opposes them or kills them. Once they realize they aren't good enough to defeat a certain player, they resort to racial slurs and babble to annoy the opposing player. An Xbox Live Dick's bio is usually with sentences like " I'm unstoppable at Halo 3" or " I'm MLG at Call of Duty 4" and deragatory remarks towards women. Xbox Live Dicks infest the confines Gears of War 2 and can be easily found anywhere there is an Execution match going on.
*Xbox Live Dick's Bio*

Whad' up? This is Tre bitches. I play Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Cal of Duty 4 and destroy noobs all day. I bus' that ass on Gears and I beat up my bitch's coochie all day baby. I'm MLG so send me an invite if you want to get smashed. Word out.
by Cold Nigga July 22, 2009
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