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A cigar that you hollow out, has at least 0.7 Grams of bud and at least 1.0 Mg of alprazalom. The way you make it is when you are in the middle of rolling take the Xanax crush it and then put the crushed up Xanax in the blunt. Then continue rolling until you have a Xanax blunt.
Example 1
John: let’s smoke a Xanax blunt

Jake: bet ;)
John: I’ll throw in a gram of Gelato.
Jake: bet I’ll throw in a bar.
Example 2
Plug: xanax blunt ore rolls on deck lmk 2.0 MG of xans 2.0 Gs of flower and coated with 0.25 of wax 45$ a pop lmk.
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by Jermyinstereo September 27, 2020
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