A pathetic waste of tv programming time disguised as a glorified karaoke contest. Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions all over Australia audition for this stupid show hoping to be the next Kelly Clarkson or Adam Levine. They eliminate the ones who are actually talented early in the show, leaving tween fangirls to vote for the best-looking and least talented contestants who are there only to slaughter every song ever written. Like other tv "talent" shows, it is usually hosted by some washed-up pop star or actor who used to be good. The judges are usually pretty washed-up themselves. After all the hype is over and they're done making fangirls piss their pants over the winner, the winner is usually forgotten, disappearing into the void reserved especially for them. This will happen every year until everyone is sick of anything Simon Cowell (see "wanker") related and switches from Channel 7 to SBS.
Sam: Hey man did you hear that Reece won the X Factor Australia this year?
Vassy: That little faggot won? Yeah big fucking surprise. Had the fangirls' vote. Obvious from the start
by calligurl63 December 31, 2011
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