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Anytime you see the Wutang clan logo means you are in for a seriously big night in one way or another. There will be no choice in the matter as you will be up all night & off your chops. The only way to combat this is by wearing an item of wutang clothing or by finding someone else wearing an item of wutang clothing. Once spotted that particular item of Wutang is void to all present parties. If you are cursed by the Wutang theory all associates present with you are are also cursed. You can also draw your mates into the cursed or freeing them by advising them you have seen a Wutang. When a counter Wutang symbol is encountered all are freed. Pretending not to see a Wutang symbol when walking by does not are still cursed.

Scenario 1) Walking down the street with your mates....ahh shit theres a Wutang symbol. 30mins later you spot another Wutang label so its counter acted, later that day you encounter another Wutang. None of your mates see anymore Wutang to counter act. That night somehow your all fucked. All of you end up paro and are too destroyed to go to work next day.

Scenario 2) Cruisin through town you spot a Wutang, shit Im fucked. You catch up with your mate for lunch and tell him about the Wutang, hes like shit now we are both fucked. You head home and prepare for a long night but that evening you recieve a sms - saw 1 other Wutang on the way home. SAFE AS FUCK.
by Namn8r January 24, 2008
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