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Wriggly face is an emoticon; Typed as :3 which is used only in wriggly times. There are many variations of the wriggly face including:
Sad Wriggly Face - 3':
Angry Wriggly Face - >:3
Soppy Wriggly Face - <:3

Wriggly Face has also been dubbed the controversial retard face but this was not in use for long.

The human representation of Wriggly Face is to put your coat over your mouth and nose and then make your eyes big.
Josh: I don't fancy, Andy.
Zoe: You doo. :3
Josh: I really don't.
Zoe: You love it. :3
Josh: That doesn't make sense.
Zoe: 3':
Josh: What?
Zoe: Sad Wriggly Face!
by Koshwaa October 21, 2009
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