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A disease you can get from playing WoW for atleast a day. It is still a fun game, but it is really addicting and you could possibly get the disease. The disease gives you obsession to the hit MMORPG, World of Warcraft. What may also happen to you: You'll become a World of Warcraft Nerd, You'll spend entire days in WoW, You'll eventually get fatter, You won't want to go outside, and you also won't want to do anything else but play your World of Warcraft.
Some Guy: "Hey, man. You wanna go and play basketball outside with us?"

Pre-Victim of World of Warcraft Syndrome: "No. I'm leveling up. I'll come outside later....."


Same Guy: "Dude how long are you gonna be playing that game? You haven't come outside in 4 days!"

Victim of World of Warcraft Syndrome: (Still playing WoW) "................"
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