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A kid that plays the MMORPG known as "World of Warcraft", also known as "WoW". World of Warcraft Noobs will usually go around bashing other MMORPG's and saying WoW is better.

Usually, when someone says they don't want to pay $15 a month for an online game, a "World of Warcraft Noob" will usually reply with something like, "thats jus becuz u cnt aford it".
This isn't talking about ALL World of Warcraft players, only the ones who bash other MMORPG's.
-This takes place on a YouTube video about RuneScape gameplay-
RuneScape Player 1: "Wow, that quest took me forever to finish!"
RuneScape Player 2: "It wasn't that hard, it took me like an hour."
World of Warcraft Noob: "wtf runescape sux, play wow its much better, it has 3d graphics!"
RuneScape Player 1: We don't wanna pay $15 a month for an online game, please leave"
World of Warcraft Noob: wll thats cuz u cnt aford it! u poor hobo!

No, I am not a RuneScape player by the way, just used it as an example...
by -Please Insert Name Here- July 12, 2009
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