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"Rap is something you do/ Hip-Hop is something you live." - KRS-ONE
This list is the definitive list that all the rest of you toy motherfuckers were trying to compile under World's Best Rappers. Read and learn, fools. Then go out and buy real Hip-Hop recordings. Support reality. Quit wasting daddy's money on Hollywood horseshit. Ignorance kills!
World's 50 Best Hip-Hop Artists...period
(List includes groups and solo artists, mc's and dj's. The order in which I have listed them is irrelevent. They all do Hip-Hop the way it was meant to be done.)
1. Freestyle Fellowship (Aceyalone, Peace, Mikah Nine, and Self Jupiter)
2. Abstract Rude (A.T.U.)
3. Busdriver
4. Hip Hop Clan
5. Chillin Villain Empire (C.V.E.)
6. and anybody else affiliated with Project Blowed/ Massmen/ Heavyweights crew including Of Mexican Descent, Medusa, The Nonce (R.I.P. Yusef Afloat), Fat Jack, DJ Drez, etc.
7. Ultramagnetic MC's (including all of Kool Kieth's solo work under various different names/personalities)
8. Atmosphere
9. Eyedea and Abilities
10. Dilated Peoples
11. Blackalicious
12. Lateef and Lyrics Born
13. DJ Shadow
14. Hieroglyphics (including Del tha Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, etc.)
15. KRS-ONE (including BDP, of course)
16. Eric B. and Rakim
17. Gangstarr
18. Organized Konfusion
19. Mos Def
20. Talib Kweli
21. De La Soul
22. A Tribe Called Quest
23. Jungle Brothers
24. Black Sheep
25. Brand Nubian
26. Common
27. Nas
28. The Roots
29. Beastie Boys
30. Run DMC
31. Public Enemy
32. N.W.A.
33. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
34. The Pharcyde
35. Biz Markie
36. LL Cool J
37. EPMD
38. Too Short
39. 3rd Bass
40. Wu Tang Clan
41. Black Moon
42. Big Daddy Kane
43. Jurassic 5
44. Shapeshifters
45. The Coup
46. Jeru the Damaja
47. The Beatnuts
48. Afrika Bambaataa
49. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
50. Moonshine
God damn! I could keep going, but this is getting mighty hectic, so I'll stop at 50. Please pay no mind to the completely random order. I gave up on trying to put them in order from the get-go. Also, please note that 2Pac, Biggie, Master P, and all other thugs/studio gangstas/basketball players have no place on this list precisely because they have no place in Hip-Hop. If you don't believe me, then you must be young and dumb. I grew up on Hip-Hop, and I remember when 2Pac was just a dancer for Digital Underground. That was before he got the "Juice," podna!
by siscokid November 10, 2005
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