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The wold defined as the place housing the girls who are obsessed with World of Warcraft. They are usually self-obsessed, good looking, and complete bitches. It seems to take a souless girl to spend 23.5 hours a day on a dumb game with no reward, especially when they're Hot. Also, they hook up with everyon and still think no one likes them.
John "Hey Jill want to go to a movie with me?"
Jill "No i'm going to play WOW and then cry because a guy doesn't like me"
John "I hate you, lost in ur world of slutcraft.

John "hey Jill want to make out?"
Jill "Okay let me knock out these italian guys, play 3 hours of world of warcraft, get drunk and it's on!"
John "my penis is sad, u World of slutcrafter."
by Seckocrap November 02, 2009
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